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Pomykała Teresa

Occupation: the owner of the TAB Art Gallery; Born: Ząbkowice Śląskie, February 20, 1946; Parents: Stanisław Leśniewski 1917–a health care worker; Bronisława (née Dziewięcka, Oksza coat of arms) 1919 - a health care worker; the sister Zofia, a soloist of the Silesian band "Śląsk"; Marital status: Janusz 1932 - a graduate of the University of St.

Petersburg, a research worker at the Geological Institute in Warsaw; Children: Dorota 1967- a psychologist, a graduate of  Warsaw University of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Psychology at SWPS University in Warsaw; Great Ancestors: prof. Stanisław Leśniewski 1886, a Polish philosopher and logician; Jan Dziewięcki, the first Prior of the Cistercian Monastery in Jędrzejów; Education: 1961 – 1965 - High School in Jędrzejów; 1965 - 1970, because of diagnosed diabetes, she studied, in the course of individual study, history of art with Warsaw professors of the Academy of Fine Arts ; Career: 1965 – 1967 - the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences; 1990 - the founder of the TAB Art Gallery - a chain of galleries  at the Sofitel Victoria, Novotel, Vera and Gromada-Lotnisko hotels in Warsaw, at the Grand Hotel in Cracow and at  Kinsky Palace in Prague.

The TAB Art Gallery  exhibits and promotes Polish artists, both widely recognized and promising creators of the young generation. Its collections include contemporary paintings, graphics and sculpture, as well as copies of our historical and landscape paintings of the most outstanding native artists; 2000 - a branch of the TAB Art Gallery was established in Prague, at  Kinsky Palace in the Old Town of Prague, where the works of over a dozen Polish artists were presented; 2004 - in parallel with running the gallery, Teresa Pomykała was the guardian and manager of the Creative Group of Painters "The Polish Palette". The group was founded  on the eve of Poland's accession to the European Union. It integrated 29 artists practicing realistic easel painting with indigenous Polish specifics.

The first exhibition of "The Polish Palette" was the exhibition in 2004 at the Masurian Museum in Szczytno under the name "And here you see Poland, just as it is." Teresa Pomykała’s activities were not limited only to exhibiting and selling works of art. She actively followed the art market, looked for young artists and then promoted them, supported and presented forgotten artists, she also organized fashion shows of young and ambitious stylists. In the mid 1990s, she worked closely with Edward Arnold - a Viennese art critic, the owner of an art gallery and the publishing house of the bimonthly "Vernissage" devoted to art. Since then this magazine has regularly published information about her activities, promoting the Polish artists indicated by her.

She participated from the Polish side in organizing   four exhibitions in Italy in which Polish painters took part: II International Exhibition of Painting, Graphics and Photography "Colours of Poland in Rome", Rome, March, 2010; IV International Exhibition of Painting and Graphics "Natale di Roma" in Rome, April, 2010; "Arte Donna" exhibition in Rome, April, 2012; "Arte Uomo" exhibition in Rome, May, 2012. On the premises of her art galleries, she organized several dozen exhibitions of works created by graphic artists, photographers and sculptors.

All the exhibitions were combined with vernissages. Civil and social activities: Repeatedly Teresa Pomykała has been a benefactress of paintings for charity auctions; In 2008 the exhibition and auction of art works done by people with disabilities from the Occupational Therapy Workshops at Warsaw Field Office of the National Autism Society called "One look-two worlds"  enjoyed great interest; Awards:

She was honoured with: The International Arch of Europe Award for quality and excellence Gold  Category for organizational achievements and promotion of art market in 2008; The Golden Mermaid of Warsaw from the Warsaw Friends Association ; the Golden Cross "Meritorious for Warsaw" from the President of Warsaw; The international "The Bizz 2012" award granted by the World Business Confederation WORLDCOB (Houston, USA) for outstanding business activity connected with promoting art in the country and abroad; the badge "Meritorious for Polish Culture "awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland in 2013; Memberships:  the originator and co-founder of the Association of Diabetic Patients; She cooperates with many foundations, including the National Autism Society, the Children’s Aid Foundation "Zdążyć z pomocą", The Foundation of Help for Hotel Employees and Tourism.

Language skills: communicative English, German, Russian.

Hobby: art, classical music, opera, theater, gardens.

Reason of success: being reliable in life, loving people and not giving in to  adversity and disease; Web: www.tab-galeriasztuki.pl

Teresa Pomykała
tel. +48 693 804 403